Nature Sounds Premium

Nature Sounds Premium

Nature Sounds Premium

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4 Hours Mountain Stream - Relaxing Nature Sounds

Relax 5 Hours Waterfall - Relaxing Nature Sounds

6 Hours Soothing Rain Storm + Schumann's Resonance Binaural Beat

Do you want to relax and get rid of your everyday stress? We have the matching app for you!
Listen to the sounds of nature and relax with 7 different sounds of mother nature like: water drop sounds, the sound of the sea, birds' twittering or the gurgling of a stream. Choose from one of the following categorys, close your eyes and relax with:
- purling brook
- forest path
- summer meadow
- rainy day
- tropical storm
- day at the sea
- fireplace

Use this app to relax in everyday life, to fall asleep soft, as assistance for concentration, or for overlaying annoying tinnitus.

- Pure nature Sounds without music.
- Runs in the Background, even when you lock your phone.
- autostart function
- Ad Free!

Remastered version 2.0:
- new design
- autostart function
- easier switch between sounds
- plus one more sounds (fireplace)